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With this generator you can easily create a highly secure password for your websites, blogs, social networks or any security need. (We dont store any data and passwords are generated just one time in your computer and are not visible to any one outside your computer.)

Passwords and Security.

A password is a sequence of numbers, letters or symbols that is used to secure the access to a computer system. By establishing a safe password the administrator of the system or the user blocks access to unidentified users and secures access to a single user or a restricted set of users.

In most of the cases a safe password is associated to a user name or ID which is unique and related to a single user. The specific sequence of alfanumeric characters is only known to a single end user and is stored safely into the system. When the user writes the correct sequence of characters the access is granted.

Passwords are used to restrict the access of websites, emails or social networks. They are also used to secure technology devices like phones or computers. Nowadays the internet is an unsafe place, websites are attacked by hackers that try to gain access to servers and websites to steal sensitive information or disrupt the service. That is why you need to secure the access to your websites, blogs or social networks using an strong and safe password.

Most people tend to use easy to remember passwords that are pretty unsafe and very easy to get hacked. If you want to restrict the access to your personal information you need to use a complex password that is safe and very difficult to guess or find by hackers or intruders.

The simple passwords can be guessed by relatives or persons in your social network because they know sensitive data that some people tend to use as passwords, like for example: your pets name or your birthday date. The passwords that are sequences of numbers or just a few words can be easily cracked using dictionary attacks or brute force software that is available to hackers on the web.

This is why you need to use safe passwords that contain numbers, letters and characters and also try to use some cap letter.


Use our free password generator to generate complex and safe passwords for your websites, emails and social networks.